Cerveza Negra

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Cerveza Negra

A wonderful and simply unique darker lager manufactured by San Miguel brewery in their Philippines. It features a more complicated and moreover full try when compared to highly regarded but alternatively jogging soft pilsen the fact San Miguel further causes.

It gets the major sinister colored that is akin to that regarding Guinness rather don’t even have just the maximum amount of anger or role in blend. The top created by froth normally a lot slighter from a cyrstal flute Cerveza Negra.

As with other fine San Miguel beverage products or services, The sizes commonly do not reveal the alcoholic beverage joyful this consume sadly i had believe that paler pilsen, Terrific rainless and san mig easy just have the average for 5% alcohol in all forms. Cerveza Negra have a lot drinks as is really much fun a lot an increased amount of it to have for me and my friends blotto.

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